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分类广告  4 【美容,健身,时装,女性,育儿】  4 An experienced masseuse available in Beijing  
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 作者 主题:An experienced masseuse available in Beijing
michellegong is not online. Last active: 1/22/2008 12:21:43 AM michellegong
加入:09 Jan 2008

An experienced masseuse available in Beijing

01/09 22:10
A confident, work independ masseuse, have a top license of massage in Beijing. In my 10 years work experiences, I mix several kinds of massage: Traditional Chinese massage,Japenese massage, and a little Thai massage. To broaden my sight, I spent three years to learn English,and I don't have problem to communicate with foriegners. I also spend several years to study Traditional Chinese culture, to purify my mind. So I can give you a good massage and have a decend talk with you. No special service. Please make an appointment at your hotel or apartment. where i stay is very close to the China trade center.No special service. Want to get more information, please leave message here or send email to chengyu906@sohu.com or send message to 13366166844, welcome to my website:www.michellegong7717.spaces.live.com
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